Products - Applications

Agriculture and Forestry
- ropes for forest winches
- ropes for harvesters
- stainless steel wire ropes for dung removal installations
- ropes for feeding installations

- railing systems
- stainless steel wire ropes for facade-greenery

- steering ropes
- winch ropes

Bridge Building

Cable Crane Systems
- track ropes
- haulage ropes

Cable Structures (Roofs)
- ropes for widespan structures
- ropes for roofs of sports facilities
- ropes for glass curtain walls

Conveyor Systems (Special Applications)
- ropes for inclined haulage
- ropes for gondola lifts
- ropes for scaffolds
- railway shunting ropes

Crane Operation
- crane ropes
- electric hoist ropes
- wire rope slings

Data Processing Equipment
- ropes for printers, plotters, photostats, etc.

Electric Cable Industry
- tension member for electric cables


EWRIS is an active industrial Federation serving the interests of the manufacturers of wire ropes