Products - Applications

Elevators (Passenger and Material Lifts)
- suspension ropes
- governor ropes
- balance ropes
- ropes for door mechanism

- excavator ropes
- dredging ropes
- scraper ropes
- drag ropes
- ropes for wall grabs


Guy Ropes (masts, cranes, dredgers)

Jewellery Industry
- ultra small ropes for jewellery manufacture

Lighting Systems
- suspension ropes

- ropes for storage systems

Measuring and Control Systems

Mechanism for Garage and Industry Doors

Medical Engineering
- ropes for artificial limbs
- bone saw strands

Mining (Surface and Shaft Mining)
- hoist ropes
- balance ropes
- guide ropes
- hauling ropes


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EWRIS is an active industrial Federation serving the interests of the manufacturers of wire ropes