The Bye-Laws & Rules of Procedure provide three categories of Membership

- Regular Members : i.e. European National Associations (in countries where they exist) grouping the domestic wire rope producers, European manufacturing Individual companies. EWRIS at present groups ± 35 companies located in 14 European countries i.e. 85% of the European Industry. Voting right.

- Associate Members: Any European manufacturer of raw/primary material, any European manufacturer of production or similar equipment used in the production of wire ropes products and any European suppliers to the SWR industry may be eligible to become an Associate Member. No voting right;

- Affiliate Members: Individual manufacturing companies of wire ropes, Individual companies having links with the manufacturers of wire ropes which are located in a country outside Europe may be eligible to be an Affiliate Member. No voting rights.

Application for Membership (Article 5.2 of the Bye-Laws):

An applicant shall submit an application for Membership in writing to the Chairman of the Federation. Such application shall be submitted to the General Assembly which shall decide to accept or not accept the application at the majority vote of two-thirds of the Regular Members present or represented ; abstentions will not be taken into account. In order to speed up the procedure, an application may be decided by a written consultation.

EWRIS Members

EWRIS is an active industrial Federation serving the interests of the manufacturers of wire ropes