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Steel wire ropes and steel wire strands are high duty mechanical elements which meet essential requirements such as carrying, conveying, lifting, tensioning and supporting in many fields of engineering.

Steel wire ropes grant a safe operation and long durability at temperatures ranging between - 40° C and + 250° C. Due to special pre- and post-forming they can be handled excellently and processed into a great variety of finished products.
Nearly no other mechanical elements than steel wire ropes combine so many technical advantages: flexibility, elasticity, high loading capacity, resistance to wear and fatigue bending etc. Special requirements of the technical environments can be met by constructive measures and a specific choice of materials for the manufacture of wire ropes. According to their application, also non-ferrous metals and other materials are used besides steel. Decades of experience in the manufacture of special wire ropes are reflected in the quality and variety of products manufactured by our member companies.


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